The Maniacal Fyra

A retrospective narrative for the high-speed train

The Maniacal Fyra

A retrospective narrative for the high-speed train

In response to the article ‘Wandering’ in OASE 90, Lilith Ronner van Hooijdonk was asked to make a series of drawings about the subject ‘train’. The series were published in the literary magazine DW B. These drawings dwell upon the train Fyra which because of its greediness cannot function anymore and thus seeks its vocation elsewhere.

Loosely based on the children’s book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.




Client: literary magazine DW B

Year: 2013

Status: published (DW B 2013 4)

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About Lilith Ronner van Hooijdonk

The office was founded in 2010 in Rotterdam. We design narrative architecture that tells the story of the assignment at hand. A story with different layers: that of the context, a response to building tradition, the wishes of our client, sustainable applications and technical opportunities. The architecture surprises with imagination. Our work reaches from transformations to public spaces like a Performative Space in Eindhoven, and from building a multi-family house in Amsterdam to researching our practice and writing stories about it.

Partners: Elsbeth Ronner, Lilith van Assem 

Employees: Eva Ventura (2019 - nu), Milou Klein (2019), Melvin van den Houdt (2019), Laura Steenbeke (2018), Joppe Douma (2018), Madeleine Mans (2016 - 2018), Paula Cores Barrel (2017), Jimmy Stegeman (2016), Dirk Gonzáles Veugelers (2016), André Cramer (2014), Clémence Boru (2013), Anne de Ruyter (2012)

They wrote about us: ModulørArchinedArchitectuur.nlDirty Science

Design: De Ronners
Development: Martijn van Bachum

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