Interieur Negen

Mondriaans waters in Kinderdijk

Interieur Negen

Mondriaans waters in Kinderdijk

The World Heritage site, Kinderdijk, is building a new visitors centre. Starting from the architecture of the building, we create a narrative for the interior: the entrance space, the shop and cafe. The building references the industrial architecture of the electrical pumping station. Grey concrete, steel and glass define the appearance of the building. Reacting to this, the interior design resembles the water streaming through the pumping station.

To picture the water, we reference the paintings of windmills by Mondriaan. Each of the paintings shows the water at different moments: in fresh spring light, subdued autumn colours and in warm purple-red evening glow. This makes for a clear reception, a soft background for the merchandise and a warm cosiness while drinking a coffee. Each of the spaces has a characteristic identity suiting the desired atmosphere.

Background stories

paintings by Mondriaan inspired the colour scheme
paintings by Mondriaan inspired the colour scheme
plan of the visitor centre
plan of the visitor centre



Location: Kinderdijk

Client: Stichting Werelderfgoed Kinderdijk

Year: 2016 – now

Status: ongoing

Program: interior

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About Lilith Ronner van Hooijdonk

The office was founded in 2010 in Rotterdam. We design narrative architecture that tells the story of the assignment at hand. A story with different layers: that of the context, a response to building tradition, the wishes of our client, sustainable applications and technical opportunities. The architecture surprises with imagination. Our work reaches from transformations to public spaces like a Performative Space in Eindhoven, and from building a multi-family house in Amsterdam to researching our practice and writing stories about it.

Partners: Elsbeth Ronner, Lilith van Assem 

Employees: Laura Steenbeke (2018), Joppe Douma (2018), Madeleine Mans (2016 - 2018), Paula Cores Barrel (2017), Jimmy Stegeman (2016), Dirk Gonzáles Veugelers (2016), André Cramer (2014), Clémence Boru (2013), Anne de Ruyter (2012)

They wrote about us: ModulørArchinedArchitectuur.nlDirty Science

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